The heat is on

Tell me, how it is possible, that at 33 (yes I now I don't look that old) :) I am driving my car to town, there is snow on the ground, it is 35 degrees outside, and I have the a/c on?  I do not believe that at 33 (thank you I know I look younger) I should be having hot flashes like this.  I was in my room before the drive to town, and my husband comes in and says its freezing in here and curls up under the blankets, and pulls them over me.  "I LIKE IT COLD!" I say as I proceed to kick the blankets off and turn the fan up.  (Yes I said fan.  It is 38 degrees outside and my window is open and the fan is on.)  He then gets up and proceeds out the door muttering under his breath, something about ice princess.  GRRRR!  He has no idea how icy I can be.  Well, my laptop is too hot I am gonna go grab a fudgsicle and go outside and cool off.


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