Heath is wealth

Health is wealth is a common saying and there are many precautions and measures which we must take if we want to lead a healthy and happy life. In your body, though every part of your body is equally important but if your mental health is not stable then you will go in loss as your relationships will start to break and you will lose your career. Similarly if your mental state is improved then you will find that people will consider you as an attractive and charming personality, your career paths will open and you will feel that your life is very happy and it will be successful very soon.

            Maintenance of health is desire of everyone and if you also want to lead a healthy life then first of all you have to pay attention to the hygiene. Though hygiene is of many types like personal hygiene, public hygiene, domestic hygiene, industrial hygiene and mental hygiene but personal hygiene is very important for healthy body. Personal hygiene provides many benefits to you like it adds to your comfort, beauty and social interactions. Personal hygiene helps in disease protection and if you will be protected from diseases then you can enjoy all the beauties of a healthy life.

            Among personal hygiene, washing is very important. Washing is done with soaps and detergents and these remove dust particles from the body and prevent the production of bacteria. Frequent body washing should be done as it reduces the spread of diseases. For example if you develop habit of washing hands after toilet and before cooking then it will reduce the production of E coil bacteria and hepatitis A.

            There is a misconception that if you are on dieting then you can keep yourself healthy, smart and good looking. Diet means what you eat and beverages you take and it is wrong that dieting can make you smart and healthy. If you will start dieting then you will lose weight with in few weeks but after finishing this process, your weight will start to increase at double speed than before because fats are accumulated in your body and due to dieting, your metabolism works slowly and after dieting, you eat food but that is digested slowly adding fats consequently. You must take a healthy diet and do exercise regularly as it will help in losing and maintain your weight by keeping you healthy.

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