Heaven Claimed many Angels

Heaven claimed many Angels from my family .... 

My heart is heavy with much sorrow for all the losses my family has suffered this past year.
I dedicate this post to :
Celphon Chan (4/2012) my husbands closest friend
Yen Shen Lew (9/2012) my mother in law
Juanito Lam-Kuo (10/2012) my primo/hermano
Arturito Lopez (10/2012) my cousin
Mommy Chan (11/2012) my friends mom
Carlos Chao(12/2012) my uncle

Heaven chose you all to be with God and watch over us from above and within. It has been a very sad year to say the least. I believe I know now that it is not that we mourn our loss ..it is also for all the future memories we could have had that we mourn. I know now to cherish the memories we were so LUCKY to have..really think of all the good memories we had..which were many. Count them as blessings and never forget the beauty of their spirit that they shared with us. Each person gave us something special that touched our lives. Search deep into your heart and soul or just close your eyes and let it all flow in..
Strength and positive energy from one,, the hearty laughter that came from his soul, the protective nature of his being, the warm maternal  embraces she shared with you  and a quote I will never forget "nunca se dice que no" never say no".
We were blessed for the time they were here on earth  and will continue to be blessed because they were part of our lives and gave so much.
Grief is painful and their is no time limit for any of us. The love and sincere support one gets from family and friends is what gets us through each day.. or at least for me..
I miss you all and will never forget you.


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