Heinz's New Ketchup Packet: A Step In The Wrong Direction

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Earlier this week, Heinz announced the nationwide retail launch of their Dip & Squeeze® Ketchup packets, which had already rolled out to restaurants. Noel Geoffrey, Vice President-Heinz Brands, said this was in response to the "universal need for convenient, portable packaging."

Dip and Squeeze

Really, Noel? Universal need? You've checked with all the cultures, then, on this one? You've focus-grouped the aliens? You've slotted this into Maslow's hierarchy of needs along with shelter and, I don't know, OXYGEN?

I'm not a Mom, and I'm not trying to feed hungry kids while maintaining a packed schedule. I also am not a corporation trying to respond to customer needs. I realize that my worldview isn't shared by most of America. But seriously? Does our society really need it to be EASIER to eat while driving around? I don't know about you, but I'd prefer companies took a little time to make it easier to actually eat home-cooked food.

Oh, but, my bad. Industrial food companies don't actually make any money when consumers make their food at home, from scratch.

Robin Shreeves of the Mother Nature Network was also appalled at this development:

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at this Wall Street Journal piece about the new Heinz Dip and Squeeze ketchup packaging. The package was redesigned because it can be difficult to open and messy. But that’s not the part that gets me. The part that gets me is that the new packets were tested in fake minivan interiors.

Think about it, folks. Fake minivan interiors. Not even mocked-up restaurant tables. Fake minivans. These aren't just designed for the fast food culture so pervasive in this country—they're designed for the fast food, drive-thru, screw-dinner-at-home culture. And that makes me deeply, deeply sad.

But not everyone agrees—for some, the convenience is exactly what they're looking for. Ashley West of Savory Crumbs has already pledged her allegiance to the new packaging:

Personally, I LOVE ketchup and can go through a bottle at home in no time. The new package has my heart because it’s dunkable for everything.

What do you think of the new ketchup packet? Is it rocking your fast-food-eating world or is it no big deal?

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