Hello to the Blogher Community

Hello everyone!

I've commented on some political blogs but so far, haven't done anything on my own topic, which is about finding cool, unusual, smart movies for kids (DVD ideas, basically). I guess the impetus was looking around one day for ideas for non-current/commercial films online, for family viewing, and seeing there wasn't really anyone doing it.  I'm a film and media freak, formerly of San Francisco, and now living in Maine, so it was an enjoyable task for me to take on.

My blog is at http://kidsflix.blogspot.com, and I hope you'll take a look, bookmark it, and join in the conversation with your own suggestions and ideas.  

I'm surprised there isn't a film topic here at Blogher. Why is that?

I'll post here now and then... but kidsflix is where i'll be spending most of my time. AFTER the election, maybe i'll have more time to do both. Wow, Nov. 4... I wish it were tomorrow.




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