Hello!! I'm New!

Hello Everyone!!


  I'm new to both blogher and this group so I wanted to say hello to you all and take the time to introduce myself! 

My name is Alexandrea and I am a graduate student who is studying to become a Marriage and Family Therapist. I currently operate a non profit organization called The Mt. Ephraim Center and we basically offer seminars and workshops to facilities within the area. I also do speaking engagements as well, which is great because then I get to do two things I love: speak and talk about families! :) The seminars I do mostly focus on family life and single living as a Christian in today's world. :) 

I also blog online as well about these topics, so definitely go and visit my blog (see my signature for the link).

Anyway, I hope to make great friends on here! I've always heard about blogher but never actually joined and now I am here! I hope to attend the blogher '12 conference next year-so maybe I'll get to meet some of you! 

Hope everyone has a great one!!




Catch all of Alexandrea's blogs at www.themtephraimcenter.org and listen to her live every Thursday night at 6pm on www.blogtalkradio.com/tmec

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