Hello Kittycat

I want to introduce you all to my furry little friend Saffi, sometimes know as Saffronacus  (I tried to add a picture but cant figure it out yet)

She is the cutest little thing but of course I am biased, she is my baby who I've had for 6 years since she was a kitten (I tried to find some kitten pictures but not sure where they are :( )  She is an indoor cat but likes to stalk the birds through the windows making her clucking noise.....I don't think she would actually know what to do with a bird is she ever met one face to face, probably run away screaming lol 

 Is it just me or does everyone who have pets give them human qualities??? I am convinced that Saffi has facial expressions, my husband thinks I'm crazy but she does, she has happy looks and don't come anywhere near me looks or I'll cut you (she has psycho tendencies lol)

When I have more time to figure out how to add pictures to my posts I will properly introduce her :)

Nicola-Jayne xoxo



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