Hello, My name is Ronni

I am an avid news watcher and reader.  I love to watch Court TV, and I try to get news from various sources.  I live in Vermont and I can honestly say that our news does not compare to many of the states that I have previously lived in.   We sell a t-shirt here for the tourists that says "What happens in Vermont, Stays in Vermont" then in smaller letters underneath it reads but nothing ever happens in Vermont. And it is very true.  I have lived here for about six years and there have been very few things that shocked me.

I try to stay current with the news, mainly because it is going to be our history, and also because it gives me something to fall back on when I can not think of anything to say to a stranger in conversation.  But I love it when someone is able to debate things with me, or share a view of the story that I had not opened my mind to.  When I was much younger, my Dad would encourage me to become a lawyer, because he said I would argue with my own shadow. LOL

I wanted to say hello to all of you, and let you know that I am always looking for a friend to chat with, no matter the topic.

Enjoy your week!


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