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Vintage – adjective

Representing the high quality of a past time

Old fashioned, obsolete

I clearly remember a conversation I once had with my older brother about my love of all things vintage, his definition of  which doesn’t stretch too far from the second definition as can be found in the dictionary (see above). His view was that vintage means ”anything that’s rusty and about to fall apart!”"

Well clearly vintage and what that word has come to represent in m

y mind  has come a long way since that long ago conversation and I could now clearly and concisely put together an argument defending my love of vintage and all it encompases. But instead of doing this with my brother I am going to wax lyrical right here on this blog and delve deep into the treasure troves of vintage.

This blog will be my chance to share with you the wonders of vintage shopping (both online and of the physical, actually stepping into a shop variety), retro stylings based on original vintage designs, vintage style architecture and interior design, exploring Berlin’s love of vintage and oh-so-much more! There will also be regular features from guest writer’s and special city guides to vintage shopping around the world.

Keep your eyes peeled!

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