Two parents, newly entwined, two families, merging together, sharing the best of themselves, and their lives, forward focused. Children mixing, relationships forming, a new shared horizon where all complexities and history are put aside,  enabling each member to find their own place in the new ecosystem that is us and our children, that is a modern-day family, spread over miles with a formidable cast of members.

In recent months home life has been turned on it’s head,  a mixture of new beginnings,  homecomings, reunions, departures, and farewells.  So it was wonderful for one brief weekend, to have my mother hen wings  fully extended around my own  four, not so little chicks, all  simultaneously back in the nest, albeit briefly, and tentatively, an additional two…

Making new memories, but also enjoying reminiscences, gentle teasing, laughter, fun, shared joys, stories of foreign lands as diverse as Essex, Jaipur, and Lochgilphead. All together, breathing the same fresh Scottish air, under not such a grey sky as has been this summers usual, toasts, jokes and camaraderie the order of the day. All happy to be together, in one place, not thinking of the time, quickly passing.

All too soon, when least desired, the clock hands intimate an end to this brief reunion, and the two oldest depart down south again. Practised, so no tears flowing, tugs at heart-strings, lingering hugs, a long farewell, a touch of sorrow, and off they go, flying back to their own lives, their own everyday realities. Being so much more than I had ever dared to dream off. Each one confident, self-assured, wise beyond measure, and happy, so happy. Leaving 4 behind, younger, but of the same ilk, another week and two more will fly, it’s an ever shifting situation. All surrounded by love where ever they are.

A quiet house, a ghostly echoing of voices, a fleeting image of six beautiful girls, glowing faces and childish pranks, of them falling on each other like a pile of cards, smiling up, hands extended, helping each other to stand, arms around each other, heads bent, muttered affectionate words, eyes creased, damp at the corners with love and joy.


A parents wish, that it will always be this way. Glad of the strong relationships between them all, of their ability to “work things out”, and get along, reminding them that above all else, no matter what, that they are sisters.


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