Help Choose Nine Women To Run the World

By Carol Muske Dukes
I recently came up with an idea: that it would be revelatory to ask as many women who were willing to "nominate" our next world leaders: to choose who, among women, they'd put forward to lead the world. This seems more apt than ever, given last week’s decision by the Supreme Court, which may guarantee even more corporate sponsorship of our elected officials.

Is your present Supreme Court not delivering on its promise to you as a U.S.citizen? In its responsibility to adjudicate, interpret and set in place the law of the land, according to the Constitution?

For example, do you think that ExxonMobil, Inc. or General Electric qualify as "persons"? A person who might, say, end up standing with you in the unemployment line? Who might hold your hand with its own "human" mitts when your health insurance claim is denied by other corporations called big insurance companies (who are, according to the Court, "people" too)? Do you think EXXON or AIG or (name any other big corporation) will place their little flesh-paws over the hand that rocks the cradle?

Before we cue the violins to play Barbra singing "People Who Need Corporate People,” how about this: a little speculation about another kind of Nine? Another kind of court: worldwide, and populated by women. Not corporate faux-protoplasm propping up those already in power, but living women, nominated by other women. They just might come up with some new ways to interpret what it is to be human, and what it means to take responsibility for saving the world.

Which women would you nominate to run the world? See our list and add your ideas at Women's Voices For Change.

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