Help! I need some accountability.


So I recently found myself at a crossroad.  You know the kind that really matters.  Not just at the intersection where Dunkin Donuts is across from Krispy Kreme (no brainer here in the South), but a really important one.  I’m 48 years old yet as strange as it may sound to my grown boys or my 20 something year old co-workers I really don’t feel like I thought I would when I became “middle-aged”.  Ugh!  Until I look in the mirror, I still feel like I did when I was newly married or a young mother.  Unfortunately my recent annual physical made me realize that no matter my mental age, my body was aging at the rate of  I-phone upgrades…once every time you turn around!  My sad state was measured by a BMI of 32.0, which we all know equals the “O” word…obese.  My triglycerides were 160 and my blood glucose was 120.  Of course these numbers are close to those I’ve heard before, but this time the doctor said that if I could not get my triglycerides under control, that if my blood sugar went higher, that I would never be able to control diabetes.  Wow!  I work in a podiatrist office and I’ve seen the horrors that diabetes can inflict on people’s feet.  These are people that are really trying to help themselves, but because of their disease they can no longer feel their feet and are unaware that something may be rubbing on their feet causing an ulcer that could possibly lead to weeks of debridement and skin grafts; sometimes, despite the doctor and patient’s best efforts, amputation.  Okay, I know I have a problem with thinking of the worse possible situation but truly I knew at this time in my life it was time for a real change.  Not just a fad, but rather a real life change.  I researched and decided to go with theAdvocare 24 day challenge to prove to myself that I was determined.  Today is my first day.  Last night I sorted out the different components because I need it to be easy to grab and go.  I also cut up all of the veggies I bought so that I could throw together a quick salad for lunch.  Tonight for dinner I made Ina Garten’s Lemon Chicken, which was delicious!!  I have to say that the worst part of my day was the peaches and cream Fiber Drink…I’ve got to learn how to drink that.  But I have two favorite parts.  Number 1….I wasn’t hungry.  Never did I feel like I was starving myself.  Number 2…Pink Lemonade Spark!  Awesome!!  This is day number 1 and I’ve got 23 more to go.  I need to do this!  I’m sharing this with everyone with the hopes that you will ALL hold me accountable so that I won’t give up.

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