Help! I think my daughter needs a helmet...

Of course I can joke about it now, but 4 hours ago I was shaking in my flip flops.  It is a sight no mother wants to find.  I was having a very productive day around the house and was in the kitchen preparing dinner for the family.  My 17 month old and 3 year old are milling about.. watching Sprout and chasing each other around.  My 10 year old is in and out of the kitchen chirping in my ear.  Then I hear a noise like something or someone had been dropped/fallen on the hardwood, then I hear the classic clunk and a semi-cry.  I did the normal thing any mother of 4 would do... I yelled for my 10 year old to tell me what happened and give it a few seconds while waiting on a response from the 10 year old.  Usually I give it about 10-15 seconds of breath holding after the cry and if  they have really hurt themselves boy will they make it known.  I mean come on, 9 times out of 10 they will get pre-occupied with another toy and go their merry way with a mere "ah OH".  Well............. about 20 seconds pass and my 10 year old finally starts yelling for me to "help".  I run around the corner to find my 3 year old passed out cold on the floor and didn't appear to be breathing.  She was white as a sheet.  As I pick her up I forsee an early morning in the ER and batteries of scans and tests and wonder how all the testing would traumatize her in regards to doctors and hospitals.  I was terrified, I picked her up and shook her as gently as a terrified mother could.  She was completely limp, her eyes rolling back in her head.  As I stood up with her she took a massive breath in and started to come around.  I have NEVER been that terrified in my life.  I immediately dialed the city's Children's Hospital Advice line and received a call right back from a very unsympathetic and callous nurse who tells me to make all my children be quiet so that she could speak with me.  WHAT?  I have all three fussing by now and am home alone so there was no way to console all of them at one time AND speak with her.  She could get over that.  She asks me a whole slew of questions and has me check different things.  Finally she tells me to give her Tylanol, not feed her for 50 minutes and she would call back to check on her.  So she is apparently fine but has a huge round "knot" on the back of her head underneath her cute ponytail.  We are to watch for any signs of concussion.  I am amazed that your child could lose conciousness after a fall, have what appeared to be a "mini-seizure" and not need to be checked out by the MD!  As fate would have it no more than 10 minutes after I got off the phone with the nurse my 10 year old steps on the 17 month old's fingers... really?!  They are both fine.  Just another day in the zoo of my household... Seriously thinking of making my daughter wear a helmet, she is SO rough and clumsy.  Either that or put her in ballet.  Poor girl needs some grace.

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