Help! I'm Hosting Thanksgiving and I Don't Cook


Dear Mouthy Housewives,

My husband invited his parents over to our house for Thanksgiving. That's okay, but I'm a horrible cook and very busy with work. Would it be rude to buy the meal premade?

A Turkey Would Do a Better Job of Cooking Itself



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Dear A Turkey Would Do a Better Job of Cooking Itself,

I'm a little confused by your question. Is there another way to do Thanksgiving other than buying it premade? Oh wait, I think I have heard something about this "cooking" thing people do. But it seems very arduous with a lot of dishes. I've never quite understood the concept of cooking for hours, only to sit down and eat the food in 14 minutes. It seems like terrible time management.

I've only hosted Thanksgiving once in my life and my co-host was a dear friend called Whole Foods. My Whole Foods dinner was delicious and everyone seemed happy. Because the only thing people don't like on Thanksgiving is bad cold food. So don't feel obligated to cook a meal. You're not being rude. But you must feed your guests.

My advice is to make a few easy things like a salad and some steamed vegetables. Supplement with a turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and gravy from your favorite gourmet store. Now you've created a partially home-prepared meal and prevented your guests from coming down with food poisoning. That is Thanksgiving success!

And you may not be a great cook but I'm sure you're wonderful at delegating. So make sure you assign dessert to your in-laws. Have a great holiday!

Kelcey, TMH


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