Help Me Choose My Bridesmaids' Dresses!

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Alright, alright, I know this isn't a wedding blog. But we all like a good dress here at BeautyHacks, don't we? And hey, if you don't like a good dress, I hope you'll help a sister out anyway.

I'm getting married in September and I have no idea what to put my three bridesmaids in. I want them to be comfy, feel lovely, not to go bankrupt, and---yep, here it comes, the mother of all cliches---be able to wear the dress again. I hesitate to use the word "theme" when describing my wedding, but the overall feel will be sort of sweet and chic and vaguely vintage, a kind of English-Rose-Meets-California-Girl thing. I'm getting married in the afternoon near San Diego in a tiny white 1850s chapel a block from the beach. My "colors," as it were, are turquoise, white, a little bit of gold.....and possibly some pink in there too. 

All that said, I'm picturing gold heels and simple white bouquets for my girls, and possibly even headbands, though my sister says it might looks a bit costumey (and she's probably right.) What I can't settle on, though, are the dresses themselves. Won't you help? 

My first is this little number in gold jacquard. I love the silhouette and I'm confident that on a normal person---by which I mean: not a seven foot tall model---the dress would hit just below the knee (in fact, there are reviews on the site, featuring pictures of real people wearing the dress, that pretty much back that up.) 


I am, however, also fairly keen on this dress, except in champagne, rather than purple:

It's cute, it seems like it would be fairly flattering---in the right color---and I like the defined waist. 

Thirdly, we've got this fairly similar tea-length one in shantung silk, which I'd probably also choose in champagne: 

And then this totally wacky, way-out-of-the-box, pink rosette-clad number from Nordstrom (which, I have to say, kind of gets bonus points for not actually being a bridesmaids' dress):

My maid of honor, however, has already told me that she's not really a fan. 

And so that leave us with choice number five, this dress, which I can't help thinking would be really quite lovely and soft and romantic in pearl pink:

You can't really see it in the picture---although you can more on the site---but it seems to have some sort of lacy overlay, which would coordinate really well with my dress. 

So what do you think? At least none of them have a bow on the bum, right?



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