Help Me Stop Snacking!

I'm 35 and had my 3rd child six months ago. While I was pregnant, with all three of my girls, I gained almost 60 pounds each time. Yes, I just said 60 pounds! I'm also a 15 year bulimic/anorexic veteran. Not something I'm proud of, but something I've dealt with none-the-less. I was in a gain/lose cycle for so many years. Yo-yo-ing back and forth has been trying and tiring. It's led me down roads of anxiety and depression, and has literally ruined my life at some stages. I'm not proud of it, but know I'm forgiven and I'm moving on. Praying and counseling, for anxiety, has helped tremendously with the anxiety and the eating disorder. So, now that I'm spiritually and physically getting "back on my feet," I've decided to view this part of my life as a new beginning. Doing the second half of life, the so called, "right way", for me. However, I'm still stuck doing one thing that I feel like I can't control...

Like most of us, I'm a snacker. I love to snack on...drum roll, please...chocolate. And peanut butter. Or any variety of the two.  So, as I did in years past, but for the wrong reasons, I took up running a few weeks after baby number 3 arrived. After my older two babies were born I used to run 3 miles a day and eat about 500 calories a day. Uh-huh...a whopping 500. That's actually a guess. I just know I didn't eat much and I was skinny as a rail. And that was gross. But, I digress. So since I'm presently trying to do life diffferently, the running has become a little more of an endevor for me than before. In May I'll be running the Broad Street Run in Philadelphia, which is 10 miles. My running partner and I are up to 8 miles on our long runs and I feel great! I'm eating healthy sized meals but, unfortunately, snacking on junk the entire day also. And I'm not drinking enough water, either. I know I need the calories and lots of water with running as much as I do, but I'm getting less calories and more fat in my diet from snacking too much. Hence, the frustration of losing the last ten pounds. Well, you might say, stop snacking and drink more water. Easy to say, not to do. I need some help and would love any suggestions on how to stop the snacking cycle. It has nothing to do with being hungry, or not hungry. It's totally mental. I could be stuffed from a meal and still find room for some type of chocolatey-peanut-buttery mess of a dessert or snack. Sometimes I will skip the meal altogether and just eat the chocolate. And I have to tell you, it's wonderful at the time, but it's not helping me, help myself.


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