Help a Mom with a Colicky Baby

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[Editor's Note: I think, even without a colicky baby, that all moms have felt this way at one time or another. Guilt and fear are sometimes overwhelming in motherhood. That's why I encourage you to go give Amanda at I Am Mommy some support right now. -Jenna]

What I Never Wanted To Say:

Cry BabyI just cant. I cant make my baby ok and I cant be the mom I was to my kids before Eddie came along and I cant make dinners every night and I cant work out like I should be and I cant update my blog and I cant write those darn thank you notes sitting on my dresser half done and I cant keep up with laundry and I cant homeschool and I cant make my baby stop crying.

The guilt is overwhelming. But I would take it all on and then some if I could just make my baby comfortable and happy.

So much of who I am is wrapped up into being a mother. And if I cant do this, well, I just dont want to face those thoughts.

Read on to see what she's dealing with and offer your support.

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