Help! My Husband Wants to Charge a Vacation We Can't Afford


Dear Mouthy Housewives,

My husband wants to take the kids skiing in Colorado over the winter break and it's making me very nervous -- because we can't afford it. The trip is expensive, but he says that it makes sense to charge it because the kids are good skiers, and we'll never regret doing something so fun with them while they're young enough to enjoy it. I can't get over the cost and the fact that we'll be paying off the trip (and the interest) for years to come.

It's a Slippery Slope



Dear Slippery Slope,

Yeesh. What is your husband thinking? I understand the impulse to want to treat the family to a fabulous time, but charging an expensive vacation that will take years to pay off is a terrible idea. You know this already, so why is your husband in such deep denial? He says he won't regret doing it, but it's obvious you will. You already do, and you haven't even bought the plane tickets yet!

As tempting as it must be to throw something at your husband's head to make him snap out of it, I think you need to calmly tell him your concerns about the expense, price out what the trip would cost, and then talk about whether it would be possible to save up so you can take this vacation next year. The bottom line is that you need to let him know that you would not be able to enjoy this vacation at all, knowing that it would put your family in debt. If he's still adamant, you could ask him how he'd feel about going down the Diamond trail of life alone.

It sounds like your kids already know how to ski, so I'm assuming you live within driving distance of some decent slopes. Perhaps you could go for a long weekend this year at a place near home.

Good luck!
Karen, TMH


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