Help Stigma Fighters Become a 501C3

Stigma Fighters is a blog series that I created where real people with mental health issues are sharing their journeys.  

People living with PTSD, PPD, ADHD, depression, panic disorder and other mental health issues are being candid about their struggles. I am truly amazed by the bravery in these journeys. 

Please continue to share your stories on the series. If you are living with mental illness you can learn more about submitting to Stigma Fighters here.

In sharing your story, you are helping other people feel less alone. Someone that you've never met is struggling with depression (for example) and by reading your story, they feel like there is another human being who "gets it." 

Storytelling is the oldest form of human connection. In sharing our life experiences we remind one another of our humanity. 

With the help of Fund Dreamer, Stigma Fighters is on its way to becoming a 501C3 organization. 

I will be organzing college campus tours where we will be speaking candidly about mental illness. This is just the beginning for Stigma Fighters.

Thank you to the brave men and woman who have shared their stories. Big shout out to fellow Stigma Fighter Jennifer Killi Marshall of Bipolar Mom Life who is also a BlogHer member and mental health advocate. 

If you are interested in helping Stigma Fighters become a 501C3 organization, you can donate to the cause or share the campaign by clicking here. 

Help eradicate stigma with us! We are people living with mental health issues, we are not our diagnoses. 


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