Her Perfect Media Storm: Exclusive Interview with Jennifer Rowan


I think it's safe to say that you never, ever want to experience the personal assault of

  • having your name dragged through the mud,
  • being called "Hitler" in the national media, and
  • receiving death threats by every possible method...

All over a simple misunderstanding that was only fact-checked by one out of a landslide of prominent journalists and bloggers.

Today's interview explores

  • exactly what went wrong,
  • how it could have been handled better, and
  • how Jennifer can recover her good name online after this terrible experience. 

This is the first time she's ever shared her story online. I'm honored that she's trusting me (and you) to hear her story about what happened - and how you can AVOID having this happen to you. She's a truly brave and brilliant woman. 

Have a listen: 

Jennifer Rowan's Perfect Media Storm: Lori RS Interview by Lori Randall Stradtman

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