That boyfran of mine got me my favorite flowers just because. (thanks to an autocorrect mistake, Jestina and I call them Herbert's Daisies instead of Gerber Daisies)

First off, thanks for all your sweet comments yesterday. I really enjoy writing, so you may see some of my work now and then on this here blog.

Secondly, I maintain that short weeks feel longer than regular weeks. This week I just felt blah. I was so busy with school and work, worried about my mama (she was going through a rough time, but everything's cool now), and I woke up to cat puke 3 out of 4 mornings. 
Lastly, that Andypants of mine and I are taking the afternoon off today. "Why?", you may ask. I posted about painting the living room in February. FEBRUARY PEOPLE. Guess what? It's still not done. I have had six colors of paint (now seven) on the main wall of the living room for almost 7 months. That's over half the time we have lived in the house. That will change today. Be prepared for a detailed recap next week!
Watch this. Right now. You can thank me later. "I'm an ovalfish sucker! I'm a four-eyed gnome. Crunch your face in my dungeon."

My girl Michelle Obama KILLED IT at the DNC. Love her.
This is an awesome interactive photo gallery of mugshots of criminals in Nebraska's past. My favorite is Goldie Williams. Girl is FIERCE. 

The Tao of Pug. I know if Le Dude wrote this book, there would only be three things in it; belly rubs, food, and pooping. I wonder is Winston the pug's views are different.

I used Printstagr.am to print off some Instagram pictures (I opted for the 24 4"x4" prints). I received my prints this week and they turned out GREAT. I can't wait to frame them! P.S. If you want some more Intsagram fun go here to create your personalized Instagram wallpaper!

What are your plans for the weekend? You could always bake something and send it to me in the mail. That would be just fine.

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