A Herd Of Wild Horses — Genetics And Preservation

Earlier this summer my friend (note that I put that first) who is also my ex sister-in-law (at one time we were both married to brothers) spent several days together at the North Carolina coast.   Our relationship goes back over 4 decades.  There were times, as can happen with friends, where we didn’t see or talk for a time due to life, work responsibilities and other things that can get in the way of connecting with people you care about.   Over the years, we traveled to Europe together three times, roller skated in bars locally (at a much, much younger age), volunteered at Cincinnati’s Play House in the Park and had season tickets to the theater when we could afford them.   As I no longer live in Cincinnati, we have to make more of an effort to see other.   Our trip to the Nags Head, North Carolina area was a great way for us to spend some time catching up and doing things we both enjoy, like walking the beach, touring local sites and eating delicious, fresh seafood.   

The most memorable thing we did on our beach trip was to see the Wild Horses of Corolla.  I posted about this experience on Below The Salt News.   This post is dedicated to my friend, as she was also quite concerned about the plight of the horses and felt that maybe I could raise awareness and generate support for them through my blogging.   Thank you for caring as much as I did and for believing that what I write can matter!

Here you go, my friend, hope it helps.





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