Here Comes The Sun: Leo!

The Sun rules the 5th sign of the Zodiac and you can tell. With the influence of the “Sun King”, we all should feel upbeat and magnanimous – it’s all that regal, “all about me” stuff. Leo’s are generous, dramatic (great performers), attention seeking, creative and full of a lion’s pride. When the Sun struts into this Fire sign, expect to have some fun for the duration of its stay.

Glow and be warmed as the solar presence heats the talent, self confidence and love segments of life. Graciously ooze that Leo charm and you will be looked at, admired, loved. Time to step up and step out – just watch the “royal” imperiousness. Remember that it is not all about you – share some of the light.

Sun into Leo:  July 22, 2013, 11:56AM EDT /  8:56 AM PDT

*Gemstone- Tiger’s Eye *Power colors- Gold, orange (Sun colors) * Body Part - Heart (…of a lion!)

**BTW: The date when the Sun transits into a sign can fluctuate year to year -19, 20, 21, 23. If born on one of these days, you are considered a cusp baby – close to two signs- but regardless, there is only one Sun sign in an Astrology chart  (however, the individual will often exhibit a combo of characteristics from both signs).