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I will venture to guess that I am not the only woman out there that is tired of their extra weight being the typically unadressed elephant in the room. You know, that thing that you think about when you sit down to eat with anyone else in the room, the little voice in your head telling you that everyone you see at the grocery store is judging you because of the items you have chosen to put in your buggy.  The 100+ excess pounds that I carry have been a source of shame for about 25 years but the past 3 years I have truly been seeking to find a way to safely and permanantly get rid of the excess weight that will work with my day to day life.

There is MUCH more I could share about this struggle/addiction but I will not do so at this time. Most recently I began looking into weightloss surgery options.  I went so far as to watch an online seminar recorded by a local bariatric surgical center. I had my husband call our insurance company to see if the surgery was covered by our plan and to our surprise with minimal  out of pocket cost to us and a few pre-op hoops to be jumped through, IT IS COVERED!!!  I did what any normal morbidly obese woman would do at this news right.... I snacked on girl scout cookies while obsessively reading everything I could find online regarding the lap-band and gastric sleeve procedures.  While reading a forum on the lap-band procedure I saw to the side a link for a story about a woman who had lost 1/2 of her body weight by tricking herself into thinking she had gone through the lap-band procedure.

My thoughts then became filled with this question; "Can I behave as though I have had the lap-band or gastric sleeve procedure in order to see similar results?" I, with the help of my husband have come up with a plan that I believe will be a loud and resounding YES to the previous question! 

See... you know you want to find out what the plan is!! I pray you will read my next post and maybe even take the challenge with me!

Until next time........

Beyond blessed!

Mandy :)

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