Here goes nothing...

I have always wanted to keep track of workouts, recipes & daily adventures, but was never successful. I figure, if I can hold myself accountable for running and training for races that I should be able to keep tabs on my nutrition and workouts – so, here it goes!

I am close to completing my requirements for a guaranteed entrance to the NYC ING 2013 Marathon (only 2 races to go)! Last weekend I was signed up for a half marathon out in Staten Island on Sunday morning @ 8:30am. Between my 3 glasses of wine on Saturday night and the first true ‘fall’ weather day on Sunday morning, I opted to stay in bed. This is unlike me – to pay for a race and not show – but I really wasn’t in the mood. And, honestly, I felt bad having my extremely dedicated husband trek all the way to Staten Island with me. He never misses a race. This being said, I have another half marathon this weekend. This one is also on Sunday, but luckily it is in Central Park so my commute time will be very short!

I had planned on running after work on Monday, but that just didn’t happen. After my 25 minute walk home from work and preparing dinner, I was beat. Plus, I wouldn’t have been able to run until 8:00pm and it was already dark outside, so my motivation was shot. However, I did set my alarm for 5:30am today in hopes that I would get out of bed and hit the pavement – and I did just that! This is a rarity for me. Usually I set my alarm and press ‘sleep’ about 3 times before resetting it for when I need to be up for work. What’s nicer than starting your day with a 6 mile run?

Tomorrow I’m aiming for 10…




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