Here I am on Day 1 - learning to blog

July 27, 2013


I am a Texan, mother and wife, sports lover, gardener, volunteer, avid reader of political and spiritual media, eco-concerned citizen, animal lover, pop culture follower and general all round tuned in individual. There is a lot of stuff in that opening sentence but somehow that still doesn’t cover all of “me”. I have many interests and feel like someone might find my experience helpful. My two teens are just about filled to the brim with all this knowledge I keep offering so now I need to find another outlet. So here it is...

Through the suggestion of friends, I am hoping to lend some insight and experience to the process of upgrading and maintaining a home (your real estate investment). I would like to present projects I am working or have completed along with before and after and progress photos and videos. These projects range from remodeling in my home, yard/gardening designs, interior style and products (often with a "green" focus), problem solving and organization ideas and more. I believe I can solve any home upgrade or organizational problem so maybe this blog can help others as well.

I also love sports and politics and social commentary. I have to keep some of my person opinions quiet in polite company (as my parents always taught me) but maybe some of those thoughts are safe here.  I may also venture into my personal design style and focus on how to practically see that vision through to the end. Product recommendations, specifications and color schemes will be documented on all the media I include - these will be independent and based on my opinion and experience only.

As for my background, Commercial Real Estate was my chosen career with some construction management  thrown in for good measure. I worked for over 25 years after getting my undergraduate degree at The University of Texas and my  MBA from North Texas State University. Simply stated, I love real estate - love seeing it developed and watching it mature. I love the process of upgrading and repurposing property. I usually drive around Dallas or when on vacation looking at all forms of property from residential to commercial to multifamily to retail etc. Luckily, I married a man in the same business so he goes along with my obsessions and shares a lot of my interests.

The exposure I had to design, construction and remodeling fuels my series of projects. This experience coupled with an insane "I can do that” confidence has led to many adventures during my "retirement" years of home ownership. Over the last 19 years of home ownership, I have many adventures to share and hopefully some value to add.

So here I go!

Laurie Martineau

Skating into my next 50 years


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