Here I go!

Well, hello there, blogging world! I've been considering blogging for about a year now, and like everything else on the to-do list, it's gotten pushed to the back burner.  I had a paid holiday off work today, and it seemed like as good a day as any to start, so here I go!

Where did I get the brilliant idea to start blogging, you ask? (Those who know me are simply shaking their heads, breathing a sigh of relief at the thought that perhaps this will tame some of my chatterboxing around them.) You can thank the beautiful and talented Susan Fowler (or blame her! Hahaha!).  I have been following her blog, Occasional Genius, for just over a year now.  She is an incredibly talented writer, photograher, and singer.  I love her writing. Her sense of humor is contagious. She has an incredibly positive outlook on things, is strong in her faith, and has been more of an encouragement and inspiration to me than she will ever know.

I grew up in western North Carolina, in the beautiful Great Smoky Mountains.  I took for granted what an amazing place it really is! I spent my whole young life trying to get out of that stinky little town (Canton NC is home to a paper mill and not much else, hence the smell), and now all I want to do is go home! I am currently living in Pickens, SC, and work as a SNAP Caseworker at Pickens County DSS.  SNAP? Yes, SNAP, formerly known as food stamps.  I love my job! The two hardest things to deal with are how my heart goes out to those families who cannot seem to make ends meet, and not for lack of trying! I see their struggles, and I feel almost guilty to be blessed with all that I am.  That being said, the second hardest thing about the job is making the teeny tiny paycheck stretch far enough to feed my own little family.  I actually still qualify for food stamps myself.  Do I use them? You bet your buttons I do, and thank God that I get what help I get!

I suppose some of that will make more sense when I explain to you that I am a single mom, raising a beautiful and talented 7 year old (going on 27) daughter, and I live with my mother and try to help support her while she is trying to get approved for disability.  She has a laundry list of health problems.  When she gets approved for those benefits, it will be a huge burden lifted off our shoulders and a long-awaited answer to many, many prayers.  We have three cats that allow us to live here.  We have an understanding, these cats and I.  They don't like me, I'm not fond of them, so we coexist.  I am definitely a dog person. 

*My sweet daughter has just come to inform me that she is bored and hungry, so duty calls!*

P.S. I don't anticipate this to be an extremely regular thing, as "free time" is a foreign concept to me, but I hope you will follow and enjoy my observations and thoughts on the world around me.  Thank you, and good night!


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