Here it is! (AKA: the info)

(Also posted and comments welcome here as well on Seattle Mom Blogs.)

You’re all invited to come to a Pre-BlogHer meetup this weekend. What’s that? You’re a little shy? Well! This is PERFECT for you (and let’s face it… YOU ARE NOT SHY.. I read about your hayhay on the internet. Oh, wait, no, you read about mine. Whatevah.)

Please join us at Kelsy Creek Farms this Saturday at 2pm in Bellevue. This is a family friendly event. Bring something to share (brownies, I hear? or Juice for the kids? Or chips and dip? Keep it easy and cheap. This is Seattle, after all) and come take photos as we meet and get ready for The Big Conference In Chicago.

People who have expressed interest (and thus made me squeal) include (but is not limited to):

Linda at Sundry
Sizzle at Sizzle Says
Mona at Kirdita (our very own SMB Editor!)
Angie at All Adither
Jenny at Jenny On The Spot
Leslie at Mrs. Flinger (me.. I will totes be there)
and you!

Comment with your name (what we will call you when we see you) and your website address and twitter name. Can’t wait, Seattle!

You can find information on Kelsey Creek Farms here.

410 130th Pl. SE
P.O. Box 90012
Bellevue, WA 98009

Note: IF you’re unable to come this Saturday, we’re going to have an AFTER BlogHer gossip fest at a local margarita pub in August. Come share your stories and photos after BlogHer as well. Because Seattle is fun like that. If you want to be notified about August’s meet up, please let us know that as well. )

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