Here is to a new me

After two years of being in a downward spiral to nowhere, I have finally gotten my grooviness back. So after much uming and ahing I decided to give blogging a go. So not only do I have a new blog and a new attitude towards life, but I also have a new house and a new cat. All this newness is a bit over whelming but I foresee a lot of fun and mess in my future. I know I have the craft bug, but I like a lot of other things so I'm just going to go with the flow and see how this turns out. This blog also means that I can share ideas and what ever else with my favorite person, who decided to not only move to another town....but the town happend to be on a completely different continent!!!' So my list of new (you will soon realize I love lists...there is a list for everything in my life) * I have a billion pins on pinterest and nothing to show for them, I think it's time to get my craftiness on and try some of those amazing ideas * think I need to update my shocking cooking skills I don't think mini me and I can survive on Mac and cheese, fish fingers and chips and scrambled egg for ever. So might be time to try some new recipes out ( the ones that fit into my budget). * I love pretty things, I'm a real girly girl. For too long have a been stuck in a rut of mommy jeans shapeless shirts, maxi dresses, flat shoes and my trusty pony tail....I think I need a mommy make over. So that's my list for now... I still think that talking to myself through a blog could indicate crazy person tendencies.

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