"Here, Smell This" -- How Long Do You Keep Food in Your House?

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Food in a refrigerator

My husband likes to give his meat a bath -- washing and drying it before cooking. I tell him that we're cooking it thoroughly and it will be FINE ... but I can't break him of the habit. At least he doesn't loofah.

I, on the other hand, am pretty laissez-faire: If it still looks and smells like food, I'm cool with it having been in the fridge for a month. Or more. Sometimes more.

Jezebel pointed me to the excellent food safety site Still Tasty -- which tells me that the max time for leftover pizza in the fridge is four days (oh). And I probably better get rid of that bottle of cooking sherry. But I'm 100% validated in just cutting the mold off my parmigiano cheese and letting it live in the fridge for a year. (Though when I phrase it that way, it does sound fairly gross.)

How long does cheese stay in the fridge at your house?


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