Here We Go Again!

Here we go again!! It is November!! I have participated in this little Bloggy thingy since I started blogging many moons ago! I cannot even begin to tell you why I enjoy this? No, wait that is not true. I know why. It brings back fond memories. This little shebang brought me together with a group of friends that I hung with for a long time. My very first group of blog friends. Now, as I cruise through my list I think only one or two blogs are left standing AND,they barely write anymore. BUT, I come back to this Blog Writing adventure year and year again because of the fond memories. Unfortunately, I must admit to myself, nothing has compared to the first year. AND, being on BLOGHER has been tough. It seems being on large social media site has brought growth but with growth you get the typical problems. Like any community you lose a little bit of what you enjoyed when being small. You miss the tight knit ‘getting to know’ each other. Agendas are different in big,large,communities. Writing in November for me, is about getting into a rhythm,building an audience and finding new, fun,worthwhile blogs to read! Hopefully, these bloggers will offer encouragement in return!?!?!?!

Of course, when you add your name to a list of hundreds and hundreds and hundreds you cannot be expected to visit all. Therefore, I create my own philosophy. Here it is in a nutshell, I try to visit of few people on the list everyday. I do my best to leave meaningful,uplifting and encouraging comments. I try to visit the same people to get a sense of them. My belief is this gives encouragement and a chance to build a friendship. If people take the time to visit me I eventually pop in on them. Sometimes, I reply to a comment but more importantly I visit their blog, that is what they really and truly want,way more than a response to their comment on my blog!

I must be honest, the above is pretty much my philosophy on blogging all together!

Oh, and the prompt for today! What is your favorite quote? I love quotes!!! It is so hard to pick a favorite! But, if I were to pick a QUOTE that means a lot to me and grounds me it has to be….


My mother says it often! It typically helps me through difficult times! No matter how bleak things seem,stressed or miserable it will pass! Of course, the converse happens too. And, that is the ultimate point. We do not live in a state of misery or happiness! I like the cliche or metaphor of expressing that life is like a roller coaster! The highs, the lows, the loops, the thrills,the scares,the excitement!

What is your favorite quote? Do you have a blogging philosophy?


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