Here's to the Do-Good Bloggers: The Internet Wouldn't Be the Same Without You

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For all its frivolity, there's no doubt that doing good is woven into the very fabric of social media. Many of us use our blogs to raise awareness and funds for an issue we've become passionate about. We work with brands on "cause marketing" campaigns. We chime in on a hashtag, then get caught up in a debate about whether joining "awareness memes" is helpful to a cause. Maybe we're microdonating to a project we believe in, or participating in Blog Action Day each October.

All this—all of it—is the legacy of the dedicated do-gooders, those bloggers who work with a singular passion for change. Issue and nonprofit bloggers shaped social media from its very beginning. They were among the first to frame their blogs as projects, taking on challenges to demonstrate the change they wanted to see in the world. They were early to see the power of social media to amplify a message, and to give voice to people who traditionally went unheard. If personal storytellers are the heart of the blogosphere, these women are its sage conscience.

This week, I challenge and encourage you to share your admiration for a blogger who is a passionate about a cause. To get you inspired, I'll start by celebrating 10 do-good blogs by women who have worked with BlogHer (and inspired me personally) in some form or another over the past 10 years.


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A veteran of nonprofit learning, Beth knows that every cause needs as much help as it can get (and then some). Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media is THE space to learn how to use technology to inspire change. Check out her many presentations to see how she's approaching social media and nonprofits from as many angles as possible.


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