Here's Why You Need To Attend #BlogHerFood16

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We're planning a fabulous experience for you at #BlogHerFood16 and we can't wait to see you! If you haven't bought your ticket yet, now is the time to do it. There are so many reasons to join us in Austin this year - let me share a few of them with you now.

Here's Why You Need To Attend #BlogHerFood16

First, if you're a food blogger, this is a no-brainer. #BlogHerFood16 is the world's largest conference for online food content creators. It will deliver the best of what the community has to offer when it comes to informative sessions on everything from how to run your business to social media mastery to photography and kitchen skills. We select our host cities with intention, because they are foodie-friendly. Being surrounded by your own kind is rare and valuable, and your fellow attendees get it. The learning doesn't end when the sessions are over, either; the hallways, expo, and even the closing party are all great places for networking and sharing tips. The brands that support our conference through sponsorship are companies that fit the mission of food bloggers. Our keynotes are interesting, informative, and customized to align with the interests of food bloggers such as yourself.

What's that, you say? You're not a food blogger? No problem! BlogHer Food conferences are, believe it or not, for you too!

"Wait just a second, Melisa," you're thinking. "What could a non-food blogger get out of #BlogHerFood16?"

Let me tell you.

Much of the information provided in our sessions isn't exclusive to the Food niche. You might get some new perspectives on things you thought you had already mastered. (For example, food bloggers are some of the best photographers out there. Wouldn't you love some tips to take your skills to the next level?) You could learn some tricks that will help you elevate your business by connecting with some of the best connectors out there: food bloggers. You could personally meet some of the people who have caused your family to give you a standing ovation at dinner. (Come on, you and I both know that some of your biggest hits out of the kitchen were provided by food bloggers!) You can connect with some great household- and food-related brands that you likely use all the time already. Our keynotes are interesting, timely, and helpful to anyone who prepares or consumes food, and I bet you fall into at least one of those categories.

Whether or not you're a food blogger, #BlogHerFood16 is going to be FUN. We'll be in one of the weirdest, most awesome cities in America; in fact, we liked it so much in 2013 that we're back...and that should say something in itself! One last thing: FOOD. You would think I shouldn't even have to mention that but in my years of attending BlogHer Food conferences I can say that the variety, quantity, and deliciousness of food that is absolutely everywhere you look is well worth the price of admission alone.

I have only skimmed the surface on the many great things about attending #BlogHerFood16...I think you need to see the rest for yourself. Register today for amazing food, learning, and fun. Foodies and non-foodies, I'd love to hear why you're coming to #BlogHerFood16! Share in the comments below.

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