Hershey's Fudge: the 3 Things Darren E. Burrows Taught Me about Fudge-Making


This year, I tracked down the "official" Darren Burrows Facebook page replete with family photos, updates on projects, and yes, RECIPES.  Not just any recipes, but images of homemade bread, pasta, and this note about his mother's fudge.  Turns out, Darren Burrows is a bit of a cook in his own right, married to Chef Melinda Burrows, and a natural food enthusiast.

Gold star for Chigliak.

After a few messages back and forth, Darren pointed me to this digital thermometer (although I've since fallen for the candy thermometer I successfully used in this recipe), and after one too many trial and errors, I finally learned how to make fudge. But, we'll get to that in a second.

Clearly Delicious has been host to a series of wonderful food writers in the past few years, all of whom have tested their tried and true family recipes, but I’d like to put this one near the top.

This is some damn good fudge.

To read more about this fudge, see here—Hershey's Fudge: the 3 Things Darren E. Burrows Taught Me about Fudge-Making


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