My Son Returns From College

Adam has returned! After a seven hour drive home – well, his father drove, so that was nice – with a mattress and box spring tied to the top of his Ford Explorer, he was here, with a great big hug ready for his Momma (that would be me :) ).

We hung out last night, each on our laptops, watching his shows – The Food Network, the Angels vs Twins- and it feels great to have him home. I made his favorite couscous salad and of course brownies – it’s not a homecoming here unless there’s brownies. He’s so happy to be back, and we’re glad he’s here.

Except he brought all of this stuff:

 college, boomerang, home for summer, moving home, bringing stuff home, midlife, empty nest


And this stuff:


And my refrigerator, which has been mostly empty most of the time, now looks this way:

refrigerator, food, college student, son, home for summer, back home, empty nest, midlife

He loves green olives


 Oh, and here’s Adam, back where he belongs!

son, home from college, multitasking, computer, iPhone, mac laptop, tv remote, midlife, empty nest

He is an incredibly talented multi-tasker

So my nest is no longer empty, in the traditional way – but my son is an adult now, so in a sense, my nest of responsibility has diminished.
Now it’s time to conquer the world, young man! Go get what you want. You always have a home here with us.

(sorry this is short today – I have a lot of laundry to do, which you know makes me super happy!)

Sharon Greenthal


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