Hey Whoopi...I liked you better in Sister Act 2


Today, one of my close friends asked me to watch a clip from The View [shudder]. On Tuesday's episode, the ladies discussed, among other things, whether or not New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was too fat to be president.


I'm not even going to go into the whole "fat" thing because I think it's completely irrelevant. Christie himself has admitted he's a portly man and that he's very aware of his health
I was more intrigued with what Whoopi, a New Jersey resident, said so vehemently towards the end of the segment:
"He hasn't done jack! ...[All he's done is] raised the tolls on people who can't even afford to drive!"
Really, Whoopi? Really?
That's interesting. But there's much more to the story that she obviously has no idea about. 
Christie was furious at the Port Authority and Governor Cuomo (Democrat, NY) about the proposed toll increases, which came as a complete surprise. He actually fought to stagger the toll increases and bring them down by half while only signing the legislation after it included a mandatory audit of past Port Authority spending.

Little did Whoopi know, he was just as livid about the situation as she was!

[the picture below says it all]

Christie said:

"This is, unfortunately, a testimony to the mismanagement of the [Port Authority] for years. We shouldn't have to be in this type of situation ... [due to their] unwillingness to budget effectively and bring in revenues on a consistent basis rather than so suddenly. "

Read the full article here.

Oh, and since when is vetoing billion dollars from the budget to get New Jersey's fiscal health back on track "not doing jack"?

I find it intriguing that Whoopi hardly leveled any of her fury where it belonged: Governor Cuomo, Mayor Bloomberg, and the Port Authority.

Check your facts next time, Whoopi!


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