Okay. So who in the world would ever want to read about me? Or hell not even ABOUT me but more from me.  I am me. I ramble. As you can probably see.

So well aren't I off to a good start? Are you really still reading? I'm imagining you are bored. I can't come up with a 'blog topic' I don't just mean for today I mean like what do I want to share with people when I write this blog? I don't have good relationship advice (let's be honest who really does?) and I don't really have any good mommy advice (probably because I don't have children). I might have some food advice and some exercise advice (since its kind of my prefession and when I say kind of I mean exactly-->physical therapist). Maybe thats what I can do--Help others lose weight! hmm yea I will get bored with that (sorry...) so maybe I will just continue to ramble and give this thing up in about 3 days because I will realize no one actually wants to read my random rambles.

I am making brownies for the first time using applesauce (the applesauce is the virginal experience not the brownies) to cut out some of the fat--because clearly the chocolate and walnuts don't count. And am going to make goat cheese stuffed portobello mushroom paninis for dinner so that's promsing on this absolutely frigid saturday evening.

If you give me a chance maybe I can surprise both of us?

~Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.~

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