I'm new to blogher too. I love it! I'd been waiting until my Musings from the Mitten blog had been up long enough to join, and suddenly it had been four months since having my blog up. I'm really excited to be here.
I'm a WAHM (mother to a nearly two-year old son), and we (along with my husband) live in the suburbs of Detroit. I blog about writing, being a WAHM, political issues, parenting (especially of toddlers) and green issues for the most part, but other observations and strange things that cross my mind occasionally get blogged about as well. And speaking of blogging about political issues, I drafted my first blogher blog post, only to find that the time stamp on it is way off. It reads Dec. 31, 1969 instead of today's date. Does anyone know how to fix that? Thanks.
I am so glad to be here!