Hi, I'm Taniqua the Tooth Fairy and I've Been Murdered

That's right, gentle reader, toothbrush freakin' trees! Bada bing, bada boom. 

For the past five years I've been completely proud of myself for this lie creative storytelling. And then last night as I was tucking in 2nd grader, she informs me the note to the tooth fairy was on her dresser with her recently excavated canine, but I COULD NOT READ IT. Now I see why. 



Maddy killed the last remaining vestiges of imagination and make-believe last night and no one is more upset than I. 

I admitted to the 5th grade daughter at Christmas my dirty little secret about Santa. I still kinda believe. Like, if dad and I totally space out on Christmas, someone will take over, right? When I see the Santa cam on the 10-o'clock news or the Santa tracker via NORAD, there's a little piece of me that wants to look up into the night sky to see if I can spot the trail of his sleigh. Maybe it's because when I was about 8 years old I was convinced I heard Santa's sleigh and reindeer hooves on the roof over my bedroom. 

So, if the girls don't believe does that mean I can't anymore, too? Is this the end of our innocence and ability to believe in things that are beyond our reach? 

Things that are just a little bit crazy but maybe, just maybe, could happen? 

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Dr. Jana Craft is a Christian, wife, mother, business professor, fake biker and terrible cook who writes about the struggle to balance these identities and the joy derived from them all. She writes daily on Holding True @ janacraft.blogspot.com

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