Hi Tech For Low Rollers in Vegas

If you think a webmaster is Spiderman, then all this technology might be a bit much for you, but if you just can’t wait for the next big gadget then Vegas is starting to appeal even more as a place to go play.

Las Vegas, home to more hotel rooms than anywhere else in the world. True story, they they used to be designed so you’d spend as little time as possible in them and as long as possible in the casino, but times, as Bob Dylan is always going on about, are a changing.

Vegas has come to realise it is a resort destination and one of the ways to entice you to come play is to plonk a load of technology in your room.

Vegas has come of a technological age and no longer is the best gadget in your room a vibrating bed.

A few taps on the control panel and you not only have set your alarm but you’ve chosen what music or TV channel to wake up to, what lights you want on, how long you want them to turn on for, when you want the curtains to open and what temperature you want the room to be.

The classically beautiful hotels might not seem like a hotbed for tech, but look around and you’ll see people constantly tapping away at portable screens. After signing up you can get your own iPod look-alike Pocketcasino, meaning you can now lie by the pool, get a tan and continue gambling just like you would on your laptop at home or on the main casino floor on a handheld system that has higher security than the IRS. If you’re too intimidated to step up to a table then it’s a great fun way to make some bets, and it’s about time Vegas started offering user-friendly tech to break down those barriers.


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