Hidden Messages in Gift Giving

Early in my marriage many December moons ago, my mother-in-law and her husband traveled from California to visit and stay with us for the holidays. My son was about a year old at the time. When Christmas morning arrived, I fixed a big warm breakfast while my husband and his relatives sat around and chatted. After breakfast and clean up we went to the tree to open our presents. It was fun watching my baby open presents, the wrapping paper probably made him as happy as the gifts. We took many cherished photos. The adults opened gifts and his mom and step dad seemed pleased with what we had given to them. My husband opened his nice gifts from them and then it was my turn. I was dumbfounded to unwrap 2 packages of bag clips and a couple of lightbulbs from my in-laws. Yep. Speechless.
What was your best/worst gift ever and why?




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