Egg recall and the high cost of low-cost foods

Finding a deal on a pantry staple at the grocery is a great feeling. Until you realize that the low cost of some foods comes with a very high price--our safety. Critics of the centralized food production system note the current practices allow for lower prices for the consumer, but the voluntary recall by large corporations means they are also overseeing their own safety measures. 

Eggs and Deli Meat--What's next on the recall list?
The current egg recall by large-scale egg producers involves more than a half-billion eggs linked to a Salmonella outbreak. I recently wrote about the egg recall at BlogHer. The egg recall is only one of many current recalls including a deli meat recall from Wal-Mart linked to Listeria infections. To see a list of the products subject to the deli meat recall see the list according to and the USDA.

For an extensive list of recalls check out: FDA: Recalls, Market Withdrawals, & Safety Alerts.

Improved safety measures
Under current legislation the FDA does not have the necessary power to trace safety violations and impose a recall. The bipartisan Food Safety Bill (S510) under consideration in the Senate now might be the key to improving the situation by giving the FDA new powers to safeguard our food and track down violators.

Meanwhile, cook your eggs thoroughly and prevent cross-contamination by cleaning all surfaces and utensils.

For additional information on recent food recalls, check out these links:

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