High Five For Friday

Happy Friday everyone! Welcome to my new weekly post where I'm linking up with Lauren From My Grey Desk to bring you my five favorite things from this past week. Here it goes!



I have had a blast working on my blog this week. I'm learning my way around  Picasa and was able to create my first banner. I was even excited to put my Picasa skills to use in doing some marketing work for my mom, which she appreciated. My Followers list doubled this week and I was featured in the Green section of BlogHer! This was such a wonderful surprise and good boost to my blogging confidence. Seriously, I am having so much fun with this blog!




It's strawberry pickin time! And that means it's the start of the canning/preserving season, which is one my favorite things about summer. I had a great day picking strawberries and making freezer jam with a good friend this week. Soon it'll be time for blueberries!




I enjoyed my morning coffee with this guy.




I found some GREAT deals at garage sales this week, and took a picture of this barn while I was on my way to a sale yesterday. I love old barns and I just thought this was so cool (excuse the dirty windshield). Anyway, I could be here forever listing off the items I got, but I'll name just a few of my favorites: I got Brodey about 10 pairs of pants (all Gap or Seventy-Seven brand for .50 each), a new Boppy pillow (in GREAT condition), and some fun building blocks for the new baby.



I discovered the best new NATURAL method for doing my laundry. An idea I picked up on Pinterest. I also made these cute cotton dryer sheets to use. I'll be selling them in my Etsy Shop soon, but it is currently a work in progress.



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