The High-Heel Challenge

A woman can add 3-inch pumps to any outfit and instantly look bold and sexy. What is it about the heightened heel that changes everything?

I’m intrigued by the concept and the design of a high-heel, particularly stilettos.  (I will wear stilettos by the time I’m 75 years old.) Maybe I’m fascinated with it because I hardly ever wear heels. And when I do wear them, I do not walk as cheeky as I would like. Some women glide; I stumble down the street laughing at myself the whole way. Practice and patience are very much a necessity.

I own a few pairs of 2-inch heels, but I rarely break them out. I usually don’t feel the need to tower over everyone a few more inches than I usually do.

But if I like the confident image the shoe portrays, shouldn’t I just wear it anyway? I need to own the extra inches as if they were part of my body. If I wear heels 6 out of 7 days a week, will I hate them forever or will I start gliding much like the petite women I see walking down the streets of Manhattan? It could go either way.

I like a challenge. Let’s add a new one to my life. I challenge myself to wear high-heels for one month. I’m pretty sure I’ll accumulate a few new bruises along the way.

I challenge all women that don’t feel comfortable wearing heels to push yourselves and push your height for a month. 6 out of 7 days in the week. One day is for absolute rest. Your feet will need some R&R.

If you’re addicted to heels, and your friends and family never see you in flats, I challenge you to do the reverse, and wear flats for a month. Can you handle losing the inches? What will change? Absolutely nothing? Your whole view?

Write down some notes about the added inches or the loss of the heel in your life and send me your story.