High Heels for Baby Girls?

Are these soft crib booties "Heelarious" or just one more example of the sexualization of young children?

I first saw the baby shoes with high heels on a  TODAY Show segment featuring Bobbie Thomas, Today Show Style Editor and writer of the popular blog Style Buzz. 
I admit the shoes are cute, but it really bugs me that even while in the crib little girls (ages 0-6 months) are pushed to look much older than they are by wearing high heels. Labeled as "her first high heels," the Heelarious shoes are a clever marketing gimmick for moms who love their Manolos. However even though I love stylish "Sex in the City" heels on women, I think maybe even Carrie would agree that putting heels on girls before they can even walk is more than just playing dress up. 


What do you think? 


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