High School Confidential: Memo to the Class of '82 Reunion Committee

SPCHS Class of 1982

Aside from the classmate who became my first husband and my son's father, there are very few people in the St. Petersburg (Florida) Catholic High School Class of 1982 that I've kept in touch with on any regular basis since we graduated. But I've learned plans are in the works for our 30th class reunion(!!) on the weekend of June 29th, and if Facebook activity is an indicator, it looks like people are starting to reconnect in anticipation of that.

I (mostly) regret to inform you that I won't be making it to the 30th reunion. Then again, I didn't get to the 10th, 15th, 20th, or 25th either, so I doubt anyone expected anything different this year. I haven't lived in St. Pete for almost 25 years (and haven't been back there at all since my mother died in October 1999); I've lost my acclimation to the subtropical heat, and in all honesty, it's highly unlikely that anything would lure me back there in the summertime of any year.

Since we won't be seeing each other in person, I'm sending my crash-course catch-up on the last 30 years.

I didn't become a lawyer or an artist (although I did, eventually, marry an artist). I never got any taller, although I definitely grew rounder. I became an accountant (like my father) and, eventually, a writer (like my sister); and for almost 28 of the 30 years since we left SPCHS, I've been a mother. And through it all, I have never stopped being a reader.

And now, the highlight reel:

  • 1984: Got married (to the aforementioned classmate), and changed my name 
  • 1984: Gave birth to my only child, a son
  • 1987: Graduated from university (USF St. Petersburg, College of Business)
  • 1987: Moved to Ithaca, New York (for husband's graduate studies and my first job in nonprofit accounting)
  • 1991: Moved to Memphis, Tennessee (for husband's post-grad career and my next job in nonprofit accounting)
  • 1997: Got a dog and bought a house (in that order)
  • 1998--2002: Worked in a zoo (literally), doing nonprofit accounting
  • 2002: Got divorced (from the aforementioned classmate) after 18 years and sold the house, but kept the last name (and one of the two dogs)
  • 2002: Son graduated from high school and went off to university; I moved to Los Angeles, California--my sister and father were already here--and got another job in nonprofit accounting
  • 2005: Tried online dating, and met my match
  • 2006: Married my match, and got his two children as part of the deal; added their last name to the one I already had (you can now find me on Facebook as Florinda Lantos Pendley Vasquez)
  • 2007--present: Became a blogger, online writer, and social-media presence, known to hundreds (?) as Florinda3Rs...while still working in nonprofit accounting

As you might have noticed in that bullet-point presentation, there have been some Major Life Events that roughly coincided with prior class reunions, which is one reason I haven't been to any of them. Geography is another, especially now that I'm a cross-country plane flight away. And frankly, after all this time, it's become a habit not to go. At this age, we tend to become entrenched in our habits, don't we?

In any case, I'm sure the reunion will be a lovely time, but I suck at party talk and communicate more comfortably in writing, as I've done here, so maybe it's for the best if I don't change that habit. And maybe we can have our own reunion online instead. See you on Facebook?



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