High School Survival Guide: Back to School Edition

Here we are, that time of year where teenagers everywhere gear up for what could be the best or the worst time of their lives. Good old High School.  I get questions daily about how to make it through the maze of mean girls, jocks, pressure, sex, grades, dating and fitting in just enough to not garner too much negative addition. The good thing is, high school is just a means to an end, nothing else. It’s a twisted personality test you must past before you can get to college and really start loving life, learning who you are, meeting real friends, saying goodbye to unnecessary drama and actually dating, not the weird we’re “boyfriend/girlfriend” because we went to a movie together nonsense that only happens in high school. In the real world ladies, men will take you on dates! Just prove you can follow the program, get good grades and not crack under the pressure – that’s it, very simple. Once you graduate – you’re on to the beautiful collegiate world that awaits you.Oh, and yes! Grades and extracurricular activities do matter if you want to hit a four-year university (which are awesome because you can live in the dorms and really enjoy the college experience!!).

Each week I’m going to feature another High School Survival tip, but let’s start with the obvious – drama. In high school everything feels like drama, everything is the end of the world! Lil’ Sisters think of it this way – It’s just four years of your life! You will never see most (if any) of these people again, and getting dragged down into their petty crap doesn’t benefit you. Pick your core group of girls you can trust and roll with them for four years. Leave all the drama prone, toxic girls out of your circle. The only reason you experience drama is because you let it come around you. And if “drama follows you everywhere” then you need to look into the mirror, because it’s probably you. This brings me to my second point – Keep your mouth shut! Gossiping is ugly and will always come back to you. Always. Gossiping is like a disease in high school and no matter whom you tell (hell, it could be your bestest friend in the world) they will crack someday and it will get traced back to you…leading to drama, which is what we’re trying to avoid. So make it easier on yourself and leave the gossiping to the girls that need the negative attention.

Now, there is always that one girl who thinks everyone is talking about her, and LOVES confronting people about it. Don’t engage this girl. We tend to get looped into this stupid cycle of feeling like we must define ourselves to faux friends or people we don’t even like. You’re never going to be friends anyways so who cares?

Look, at the end of the day – this may seem huge now, but in the future you will just remember a few good moments you spent with your good friends. Let the drama go, let the gossiping go and just enjoy YOUR high school experience. Don’t let anyone dictate the terms of your four years.

Big Sis

….next week, we're talking boys!


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