Hilary's Top 10 2011 Blogher Swag

Everyone loves swag. And, at the Blogher Conference in San Diego last August, I was given so much swag, I had to buy another suitcase! (I could have left the stuff at the hotel room but how could I part with beloved swag?)

It’s taken me months to get an opportunity to sample the products and I wanted to share with you my favorites from the show:


Top 10:

•    Nestle’s Natural Bliss Coffee Creamer (this stuff is natural and tastes great in coffee!)

•    Vick’s Vapor Rub (an old favorite for colds)

•    Tropicana’s Trop 50  (This juice has 50% less calories and sugar and takes delicious. Since my swag, I haven’t stopped drinking it.)

•    Febreze Spray (freshens fabric, carpet and air) in Lavendarr (It gives me an excuse to make the office smell so fresh and clean.  I really love it!)

•    Always Infinity Ultra Thin (there’s nothing more I can say here)

•    Cover Girl Natureluxe Mascara (It’s great to have in my desk in a pinch when I forget to put on makeup.)

•    Venus ProSkin – (Ladies’ razor)

•    Ivory – Simply Ivory Simplement Ivory – (bodywash and great after you work out.)

•    Olay Regenerist – (I’ve heard this stuff really works but to be honest, I haven’t tried it yet.)

•    Bounty Paper Towel – (I was excited to get the sample because compared to some of the other brands, I really felt this was absorbent.)

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