The Hills Are Alive With The Sound Of Drama

Thursday is all about the throwback, so why not discuss a show from way back called 'The Hills' on MTV! The hot girls, the hot guys....the drama!!!! Oh the drama!! The catty girls on that show would eventually set the precedent for all the Housewives crap some of us (ok me) tune in for relentlessly just for the pure torture of it. I mean how many housewives really clean the house in 6-in heels and 12 layers of lipgloss?? Don't they have people to do that? And how many times can you shed tears and actually think people are buying it. Andy Cohen if you happen to read this, please replace all the Housewives shows with episodes of 'Escandalo'.  Now that  is what you call good television!!

Ok, so let's get to the reason I'm babbling on and on about reality tv.  Back in 2010, I wrote a spoof of 'The Hills' called 'The Woods'. It stars my comedian friend Sebastian 'C-Bazz' Fort along with me playing all of your favorite girls from 'The Hills' all wrapped up in one cray cray little package. Let me warn you, it is very full of angst and you guessed it...drama! Please check out the video and feel free to send it anyone who you may or may not like. Later peeps!



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