Hints to Spice up Your Valentine's Day

Okay, we'll admit that this gift guide is for HIM to read.  But who's keeping you from emailing it to him, or maybe printing it out and leaving in his bathroom?  Most guys need more than a "gentle" reminder about what you really want for Valentine's Day.....so help him out!

BDSM, Kinky gift setIt's the morning after Valentine's Day. Who are you gonna be? Are you the guy who dared to do something a bit more kinky this year - who can stand by that water cooler with a big smirk on his face that doesn't require any explanation?


Don't know where to start? We're here to help and have some great ideas to share with you between now and the big day that are sure to spice up your night and make it a Valentine's to remember!


So let's get straight to it.  When was the last time you unashamedly focused 100% on your lady during foreplay? I mean unselfishly gave her all of your attention with no expectations in return. No? Exactly. It's easy to underestimate how important it is to warm her up, make her feel special and, ultimately, have her so turned on that she's begging for it.

Want to intensify her pleasure? Try covering her eyes and using a feather to heighten her senses and drive her overboard!

Finally, if the idea of unselfishly giving to your lady without the promise of having "your turn" is painful, think of it this way: There's no better time than Valentine's Day to make the sacrifice -- and she'll remember it for the rest of the year. Win-win.

Read more gift tips for Valentine's Day in the coming days on our blog.  Some might be a little too....ummmmm...."detailed" to be appropriate on here ;-).  Enjoy!



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